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Founder: Heart.Soul.Pen.® for women writers & the Women’s Writing Den. Essays: @NYTimes @WashPo @LATimes @BuzzFeed. Author: “Restless in L.A.”


  • Kelly Fredericks

    Kelly Fredericks

    Creator of the literary Blog, Dear Mr. Hemingway, Writer, and Boy Mom X 3.

  • Liane Carmi

    Liane Carmi

    Lesfic writer & voracious reader. I help people change the behaviors and emotions that cause them suffering at

  • Andrea Macaluso

    Andrea Macaluso

    My thing?...I love to learn about the Who What Why Where When & How of everything and anything. Does that narrow it down for you?

  • Christine Lee

    Christine Lee

  • Autumn Caudill

    Autumn Caudill

  • Jennifer Mills

    Jennifer Mills

  • Jen B

    Jen B

  • Jen Plebani

    Jen Plebani

    Curious and creative researcher, writer, foodie, wanderer. Dedicated to crossing things off my bucket list. ADHD is my superpower.

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